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Increasing Diversity Starts With The Younger Generation What We Believe black students in retail To make a long-term impact on increasing diversity in the retail industry, we must train students on the vast opportunities that await them inside it. They will then attend college with intention and mentorship to guide their retail journey. The Retail Industry In The U.S. Supports 1 In 4 Jobs Industry Outlook Diversify Retail Purpose This statistic by the National Retail Federation shows the level of opportunities available in the industry for People of Color. Our Career Days and Retail Exploration Trips give students a real-life glimpse into roles that interest them. Students Gain Industry Experience Before Graduating Providing Opportunities Fabrics shot by Carlisa G. Photography Our internship and job placement programs help students gain hands-on experience within different roles to evaluate how their strengths translate into successful retail careers.

Discarding The “Pipeline” Excuse

Building Representation From The Younger Generation Up

When companies discuss their lack of diversity, they often attribute it to a pipeline problem – that there isn’t enough diverse talent to satisfy the employment demand. While there is currently a heavy focus on diversifying corporate retail offices (with talent already in the workforce), we believe that to ensure that this can no longer be used as an excuse, we have to ensure that the younger generation is trained about the opportunities in the industry for them to build lucrative careers and businesses inside.

If you asked the majority of people in retail if they always knew they wanted to be in the field or if they happened to “stumble” in it, we guarantee you will get more of the second answer.

Together, We Create A Program To Fuel Your Students' Success In Retail

Here are components we combine to create an enriching program for your school or university

01  Career Days

There are so many roles in the retail industry – many of which are rarely talked about.  We would love to host a Retail Career Day or participate in the existing Career Day at your school to expose your students to the opportunities that await them.

02  Mentorship Programs

We are invested in the long-term success of your students.  Mentor relationships make a tremendous difference in their lives, and we want to ensure that they know they have someone who is available for guidance as they map out their career or entrepreneurship path in retail.

03  Interactive Workshops

It’s one thing to learn about the industry and its various roles, but it’s another to actually simulate being in the role!  During our interactive workshops, students learn about different career paths and are given key activities to try for each role.  We may also take a field trip to visit someone currently in the role inside their office or store location!

04  Retail Immersion Experiences

We immerse students in the industry, taking them to witness firsthand different roles and sectors, visit local colleges who offer retail & related field degree programs, and more, to get a well-rounded view of the industry and perhaps decide which area may be the best fit for them.

05  Internship Programs & Job Shadowing

After learning about the career or entrepreneurship path a student may be interested in, we match them with established, vetted companies.  This program is essential to helping students learn what about particular roles they enjoy, and even more importantly, what they don’t enjoy.  For students who are unable to participate in our internship program, we also offer job shadowing days.

06  Job Placement

Once students are preparing to graduate, we assist them in their job search process, ensuring that they are aware of job opportunities within our own network.  They will be setup with a mentor who can also assist them with resume and interview preparation.

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