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Small Businesses Are The Backbone Of The Retail Industry

Where Are We Today?

Retail Is Going Through A Reckoning

First, it was the Coronavirus that shuttered brick and mortar stores and company warehouses throughout the world for weeks, even months at a time. Every day it seemed companies were permanently closing large numbers of stores, or worse, shutting down operations entirely. Just as we were all coming to grips with one major world event, another took foothold.

After the death of George Floyd, there became an awakening to the racial disparities and injustices faced by Black people in America, not only in personal circumstance, but also in the workplace. Many corporations made statements speaking out against racism and in support of the Black community and the broader community of People of Color.

However, many Brands were then called out for their actions (hiring practices, lack of diversity in decision-making roles, lack of diversity in their suppliers, treatment of employees of color) not matching their words.

Together, We Create Solutions To Increase Diversity Inside Your Business

We work with businesses who are invested in taking an authentic and active role in increasing diversity.

You have a goal of, and are ready to invest in, increasing diversity and facilitating a welcoming environment for all people – and our sole focus is to support you in meeting that goal.

Next Steps

Let’s Discuss How You Can Drive Immediate Change Inside Your Business

Watch the video to submit your question or diversity plans to us for feedback!



Help us provide more resources for you and your staff, and the students and entrepreneurs we serve, by hosting a checkout campaigns where customers are asked if they would like to make a donation within their checkout process for your store.

You could alternatively do a donation drive where a portion of your proceeds go to Diversify Retail.

Either way, you’re making a difference in the lives of minority students and entrepreneurs, and being the kind of changemaker retail so desperately needs.