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Our team is passionate about equipping our Entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies to be successful in retail, long-term.  In the past few years, there have been mentoring programs, accelerators, and other types of support offered to BIPOC Entrepreneurs, but not many that are retail - specific.  As you know, there are so many nuances that are specific to the retail business model that Entrepreneurs must know in order to launch, grow and scale their businesses sustainably.

that's where we (and you) come in.

Diversify Retail® exists to ensure this awakening to diversity is not just a captured moment, but rather a permanent, ever-chasing mission at the forefront of the industry.

In 2020, when we quietly launched our nonprofit, in the midst of loud awakenings rippling throughout the industry, we did so with the sole intent of being a connector. Our mission is to serve as the connector and active partner for companies wanting to bridge the gap between where they are today diversity-wise, and where they want to be “tomorrow”. 

In full transparency, we had many conversations, that were just that…conversations. We unfortunately saw more companies seeking performative gestures rather than authentic and active partnerships - so with our integrity in tact, and purpose in mind, we turned down every single one and decided to move in a different direction.

We stayed true to our mission, continuing to serve BIPOC brands and retailers behind the scenes who needed our hands-on support and direction as they received an influx of orders and opportunities.

We transformed into the organization you see now, with self-sustaining, non-biased ways to continue the work of training and supporting BIPOC brands and retailers to thrive in retail, and if we gain partnerships along the way, awesome, but our operations and the success of our brands don't depend on it.

The future of retail depends on us all.

Ways to Work Together

As A Volunteer

Join one of our committees to help us with important, mostly behind-the-scenes work that helps us create a bigger impact for our community.

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As An Expert

Join us as an Expert and teach classes, workshops and provide resources for our Entrepreneurs to help launch, grow and scale their businesses.

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As A Coach

Work with Entrepreneurs through 1:1 Coaching sessions to advise them on critical decisions as they work through their customized growth roadmap.

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Select one, two, or all three.  There's a place for you here to make an impact.

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Be A Committee Member

Be one of the main driving forces behind our programs, partnerships, and community activities.

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Be An Intern

Build your experience while also making an impact on the lives of countless BIPOC brands and retailers.

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We're always looking for impact-driven people to join our team!  Complete the form below to submit your resume to keep up with new openings.

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