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sourcing bipoc brands has never been easier.

We cannot be more excited to be a partner and resource as you source your next best seller, that just so happens to also be a BIPOC brand.  There are so many brands around the world perfect for your customers, and that will fit seamlessly into your assortment.

We're here to connect you with your next best sellers.

this buying office was created for you.

The reality is that because the industry isn't diverse, sourcing BIPOC brands isn't as easy as visiting places you'd typically source from (and don't worry, we're working to change that).

Diversifying the industry isn't something that will happen overnight, and there's many layers to it, as I'm sure you've seen.  There is a lack of presence of BIPOC brands inside retailers of all sizes, because there is a lack of presence of them at trade shows where buyers typically buy. There's a lack of presence at trade shows partly because of the lack of resources to be there, as minority Entrepreneurs are severely underfunded.  It is also partly because of the absence of knowledge regarding wholesale as another revenue stream.

Your store is going to change the face + future of retail.

And we'll be following you every step of the way.

The fact that you're here means that diversity and inclusion is a part of your (and your business's) value system, and it's people like you who will make retail an equitable industry for all.


brand discovery

With your quarterly brand guide, you'll discover brands that you (and your customers) will love


We provide seamless sourcing, which is why we personally curate your sourcing requests


Get access to events we host to help both drive your sales + support BIPOC brands

let's be real.

There are plenty lists floating around.

Zillions - but it's often the same brands just being repeated. 

And it's also...static. and cumbersome. and not specific to your target customer. or price point.

I think you get where we're going here.

We exist to support YOU in your mission to support BIPOC brands and retailers (and make lots of money doing it, which doesn't hurt right?).

IF YOu'RE excited TO:


Submit your sourcing request to get brand recommendations for an upcoming season


Take an active role in shifting the retail industry to be more equitable for all


Discover a curated selection of beautiful, high-quality, shelf-ready brands, that just so happen to be BIPOC-owned

this is for you.



Invest In Membership

Become an official member of our Buying Office to help you continuously diversify your product assortment for the next 12 months (or more if you renew!)


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This helps us learn about your store, the products and price points you carry, and gives us your info to post on our website and inside the community as a Retailer who supports our mission


Submit Your Sourcing Request

During your 12-month membership, you are able to submit up to 3 sourcing requests and receive a curated list of hand-picked brands that are shelf-ready and the perfect match for your store.

We look forward to being an extension of your buying team.

We're Experts at Building Scalable Retail Businesses.


We help our brands to not only receive growth opportunities, but be able to maximize their sales as a result of them.  We don't want them to just get more awareness, but want them to know exactly how to monetize it.  We want to see them grow rapidly, and also be able to sustain that growth.


You Just Need Access To The Shelf-ready Brands.

This is why we have a community where we're growing and developing brands - so actually getting to know them and their products and truly handpicking the ones you are shelf-ready for you. Increasing diversity in the industry depends on your success!

As A Buying Office Member

YOU WILL receive:

+ a custom popl to utilize at tradeshows to show your membership with us

+ opportunities to expand your network and find collaboration partners

+ access to submit up to 3 sourcing requests from our team during your 12-month membership

+ a highlight on our website and inside our community of bipoc brands and retailers

want something like that?

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+ invites to events and meetups we host

+ a quarterly bipoc brand guide to discover trending brands

let us help you find your next best sellers.


Invest $1 a day / $365 a year for a 12-month membership to our Buying Office and discover shelf-ready BIPOC-owned brands that are the perfect match for your store.

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